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I will give you rest (1/3/20)

Healing – taking God’s hand (13/10/19)

Healing – power and authority (06/10/19)

Dealing with Life’s Stresses and Worries – Mark Ensing

Discipleship in the 21st Century – Time (30/6/19)

Palm Sunday (14/4/19)

Romans 3 (31/3/19)

Romans 2 (24/3/19)

Transformational truths (6/1/19)

Jesus on the throne – Revelation 4 (11/11/18)

Open Doors – Andy talks about the work of OD around the world (4/11/18)

James 3: (3/6/18)

James 2:14- 26 (27/5/18)

James 2:1-13  (13/5/18)

James 1:1-18 (29/4/18)

Resurrected! (5/4/18)

Mary anoints Jesus (11/3/18)

The Church – the army (04/03/18)

The Church – the bride (25/02/18)

The church – temple (11/02/18)

God’s plan for church part 2 (14/01/18)

God’s plan for church part 1 (07/01/18)

So we do not lose heart (pdf)

So we do not lose heart

Knowing God better (Eph 1)

Wisdom for relationships

Wisdom for your finances

Wisdom for the heart

The Divine Exchange  (09/07/17)

Lost and Found (02/07/17)

Micah (25/06/17)

Jonah (11/06/17)




Uncontainable, Jesus and the Resurrection

Palm Sunday

Led by the Spirit in Prayer

Jesus, the perfecter of our faith

Living a Lifestyle of Faith – Abraham

Living a Lifestyle of Faith – Genesis

The Holy Spirit

Living a Prophetic Lifestyle 2

Living a Prophetic Lifestyle 1

Prayer and fasting

Kingdom Commission

Kingdom healing

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Kingdom priorities

Walking on water – playing it safe?

Jason Cooper – Identity in Christ

Nehemiah 13

Nehemiah 11

Nehemiah 10

Gossiping the Gospel: Simon Clinton, leader of Highway Vineyard church

Nehemiah 9: Turnaround

Nehemiah 1: The call to build

Nehemiah 3: Press in and push on

Nehemiah 5: Life in Debt Valley

Nehemiah 8: The work and the Word

Easter: 3 things the resurrected Jesus says to us


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